Thank you for taking a look inside as I welcome you to life and leadership coaching.  I know you too are stirred to fulfill your purpose and your life’s destiny.  Through the years I’ve worked with several companies developing individuals in meeting personal and corporate goals. During the last 15 plus years I’ve been self employed in consulting and performance coaching helping others in their life and corporate roles.

I’ve found the greatest joy in working with individuals helping them iron out the wrinkles in their lives. We all have them don’t we?  Something not quite right here or there.  Feelings of uncertainty and doubt.  And then the epiphany when things just click.  Ahh, that’s what I love; helping others’ dreams come true and the flash of the “light bulbs” leading the way to their destiny.  Clarity takes over and growth accelerates.  Life is good!

Speaking of light bulbs, for me there was another defining moment that led me to develop additional skills in life and leadership coaching.  It was the awareness that I needed to go back to school, gaining more knowledge for personal growth and to help others soar.  Then off again for further education in life coaching for that was and is my passion in helping others reach the stars.  All coach training for me continues to be biblically based aligning with my purpose, goals and life objectives.  It is my desire to help you in your continual growth as you seek to take positive steps forward in your life.

My Purpose – Honor and glorify my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with every breath I take.

My Mission - Encourage others in their life growth through the discovery of truth and clarity of life purpose through a process of coaching and teaching.

My Prayer – It is my hope and prayer that all experience a joyful life that is purposeful, meaningful and balanced.

My Commitment - I am committed to honor and support you with love, joy, peace, understanding and a non-judgmental spirit.  All of our communication is held in confidence.

The process that I’ve found most helpful is discovery and clarifying your life purpose.  This will be revealed in your beliefs and core values.  Your motivation for your thoughts and actions will come into alignment with your purpose. Meaningful life goals can be established with supporting growth strategies and actions moving you forward.   You will move from your current state to desired state rapidly. You will find that what you do will come into alignment with your purpose for a fulfilling life.

Life for me is bright with a new beginning each and every day.  And, I pray for your life to be blest and a blessing in every possible way.

I welcome this opportunity to come along beside you to encourage you as we become partners in accountability.  Through coaching I’m confident you too will fulfill your life purpose with joy.  Thank you for sharing this moment with me.  Ben Stewart

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